Science Week – Careers Day

In my role as a Stem Ambassador, St.Marys Priory Catholic School asked me to pop in and spend a few fun hours explaining my job as a photographer and giving a little demo and telling a few PG anecdotes. I thought a portrait session would be fun and passed round some of my vintage cameras explaining about day light, aperture and shutter speeds. Photography has a ton of ‘science’ involved so I value my Stem Ambassador role where I have feet in both the creative and science camps. Its always nice to have something to involve all the students, something for them to get their hands on. In this case I introduced the year 5 and 6’s to a collapsable reflector. The students were tasked with folding the reflector up – a nifty little maneuver thats all in the wrists.

The session was a hit and I hope everyone enjoyed it, including the wonderful and staff and TA’s.

The Stem coordinator was kind enough to provide some super kind feedback.

” I just wanted to feedback about how amazing John is – my children are still talking about his visit weeks later.

John was very professional, turned up with plenty of time and very enthusiastic.  I’m so thankful that we managed to connect on the Stem Ambassadors site as his visit was fantastic. From when we first got in contact, John was always available for me to call or ask questions to.  The workshops were absolutely amazing and the photos the children took are beautiful. Honestly, a lot of my children haven’t handled cameras, let alone a camera like that. I also loved how now all the children can link photography to science, which is not what they initially did.

I can’t wait to hopefully work with John again. I just had to share. “